Privacy Policy

The privacy of our site users is crucial to us and that’s why we have developed this Privacy Policy page. We would like you to know why and how we collect your personal information and what do we do with that. Use of site automatically implies that you agree with our Privacy Policy.

Log data

When you navigate through the pages of our site, like any other site operator, we collect information for analytical purposes. We track the pages that you visit, the duration of your stay at each page, your most visited pages and so on.

We also gather information from your browser and your device. We store your computer’s IP address or your mobile device’s unique identification number, your browser type, the name of your internet service provider etc.

If you subscribe to our newsletter or leave a comment on any of our posts, we would store your name and e-mail address alongside. Please note that it is very likely that we use any third party service like Google Analytics to analyze and monitor your information.


The site authority takes utmost care to protect your personal information. We have the technology and know-how in place that protects the site from hacking attempts. However, no security measure is completely leak-proof. So, we cannot guarantee 100% protection of your information.

Age restriction

Children under 14 years of age should not use the site on their own. An adult guardian should always accompany them. They must also not provide their personal details, in any form, while using the site.

Sharing data

We collect your information for some very specific purposes. To improve the site for better user experience, we need the data like which page interests the site visitors most, from which part of the world people are mostly visiting the site and so on.

Please note that we don’t sell or share your personal information unless it is extremely necessary. A few examples of such situations can be:

  1. You request us for a service that requires sharing your personal details with a third party.
  2. You violate any of our Terms of Use and we need to take legal actions against you.
  3. You use the site to cause harm to other site users or to the common public.

However, in the event that the website is sold to another owner, the data stored in our system is likely to get transferred also.


Often, our content includes external links to help you gather more insight on a particular topic. Please understand that we have no control over those sites and their content. Even our Privacy Policy doesn’t apply there.


Like us, our advertisers also make use of the cookies technology to collect our visitors’ data. If you are not willing to share your information with them, please configure your web browser accordingly.

Modifications in the privacy policy

We reserve the discretion to modify or update the Privacy Policy page whenever we feel necessary. We are not bound to inform the site users about the changes. Please take a look at the page periodically so that you are well aware of the modifications. If you use the site after a modification, we assume that you agree and accept that policy change.

All these clauses apply to our site and its content only. If any part of our Privacy Policy is unclear, don’t hesitate to contact us.