Machines for Massage: Why a Massage Device is a Personal Therapist

The popularity of massage therapy has only recently been brought to the public attention. There is a vast amount of scientific literature that points to the myriad of benefits associated with massage. Aside from the proven benefits, there is also the sense of deep relaxation and enjoyment that occurs as a result of the therapeutic treatment.

However, massage can be expensive. In Eastern countries such as Thailand and Cambodia, it is possible to get a high-quality massage for as little as $5 per hour. This is not the case in Western countries such as the USA or the UK, where prices can range from $30 to $60 depending on the type and quality of the chosen modality. As a daily massage is not feasible for most citizens, people are turning towards portable massage devices, which have many advantages.

Why You Need a Massage Device

A massage device is something that too few people have. Yes, there are benefits to going to a professional massage center. You can rest and relax for an hour in a peaceful environment designed to eliminate stress, with s skilled masseur. But this has two major drawbacks. The first is the previously mentioned cost of the massage. The second is the time it takes to drive to a massage clinic, wait, take the hour-long massage and drive home. In contrast, a massage device can be used for 15 minutes before work in the morning.

Another advantage of massage devices is that you can choose the appropriate one that suits the spots you need to work on. Many massage therapists can be too rough in certain areas or might not spend enough time on the places that really matter. This is where a massage device can really generate value. You will also get better at using the device so that you know where energy needs to be released and where stress has built up.

Effective use of massage devices can really assist in other practices. Gym goers who run a lot should consider a hand-held foam roller, which are excellent for the calves and thighs.  For people who think a lot, a gentle massage to the head and forehead is excellent for releasing negative thoughts and pent up frustration.  Massage is an art that can really enhance quality of life when done with careful attention.

Different Massage Devices

There is an incredible range of massage devices on the market, from massage chairs to foot massagers. Foot massagers can be one of your best friends if you get a good one and learn to use it intelligently. The feet are an overlooked area where a significant amount of stress tends to build up. People wear shoes all the time and rarely let their bare feet touch the ground. For women, the situation is even worse with high heels which are very uncomfortable. Until you learn to use a high-quality foot massager such as the uComfy Foot Massage or the Belmint Foot Massager, you won’t realize how much stress is built up in the feet that support you every day.

Aside from massage devices aimed towards a specific location in the body, there are different kinds of techniques. These include:

  • Vibration Massage – An intense massage aimed at vibrating stress away from the muscles and tissues.
  • Kneading Massage – Uses large circular motions to rotate larger muscle groups. Great for tense and stubborn spots.
  • Rolling Massage – Constant pressure that often rolls vertically up and down the spine for a deep massage experience.
  • Percussion Massage – Rapid movements usually performed over a specific body part for a short time. Excellent for relaxing tense muscle groups such as the neck and shoulders.
  • Compression Massage – An intense massage that compresses the chosen muscle group with pressure. Perfect for athletes.
  • Spot Massage – Medium intensity massage that focuses on one area.

Typically, massage devices will use a combination of methods and can be adjusted for different regions of the body. Many devices will have additional features as well as a heat setting for maximum comfort. The devices also come in a wide range of prices, weight, and sizes. You will have to pick one that suits your preferences.  For best results, it may be a good idea to identify the areas of your body that need the most immediate attention. This will often reflect what sport you do and what kind of job you have , as these will affect certain muscle groups.

There is a dizzying assortment of massage devices on the market, but there is always one that is perfect for your particular situation. When you know more, you can get a foam roller for your legs, a massage chair for your back, and a portable vibration massager for your upper back and shoulders. These are all necessary for offsetting various imbalances of 21st-century living which literally shifts our bodies out of alignment.

Is a Massage Device Really Necessary?

If you find yourself constantly going to a massage therapist, then it may be time to invest in a massage machine and save some money for yourself. Many retail under $100 which is the price of just 3 massage sessions with a therapist. The device can also serve to preserve long-term health if used consistently. People who spend significant amounts of time at a computer or in a car will have stiff upper shoulders which could well develop into a hunched spine over time. With patience and attention, your massage device will be more valuable than having your own personal therapist. It could be the best investment you ever make, and your body will thank you for it.