Top 10 Best Foot Spa with Heat in 2020

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I hope you will agree with me when I say:

The best heated foot spa for your feet must be able to relieve muscle tension, aching feet, and stiffness, giving you the ultimate relaxation feeling you deserve after a long day at work or on the move.

Best Heated Foot Spa in 2020

Well, there is only one problem though. It is really difficult to find the foot spa machine that gives your feet complete soothing experience.

This is why I have shortlisted this top 10 list after considering every aspect from design, build to performance and many other features.

Take a look at the top 10 list and pick one to give your feet the ultimate soothing experience.

Top 10 Best Home Foot Spa Machine with Heat

1. Brookstone Heated Aqua-Jet Foot Spa

Brookstone Heated Aqua-Jet Foot Spa

This is one of the most cost-effective home foot spa machines you can consider. It is competitively priced and comes with great features. The device will increase blood circulation thus relieving right muscles and help relax tired feet.

It comes with a rotating jet technique alongside two different adjustable speeds that can provide a personalized spa treatment in few minutes. This device works by heating its water content quickly to 115 degrees, and then maintaining the heating temperature, therefore there is no need to add more water during the spa treatment.

It comes with some pumice stone that helps exfoliate rough and dry skin, especially when the skin is in contact with foot pads, or for those who like wearing heels.

The two rolling nodes on this device will provide the best massage you can ever ask for and it can perfectly fit men and women with small and large feet – it comfortably allows up to size 14.

It comes with a large oversized tub that ensures that water splashing problems are prevented. It also comes with two hydro jets that deliver steam continuously from heated water to ensure that heat reaches every part of the foot.

Best Features:

  • It comes with an over-size and roomy tub, alongside a cover, to help prevent splashing of water before, during and after treatment.
  • The two hydro-jets provide the best heat circulation that speed up massaging during treatment
  • It maintains its heated temperature for effective treatment.
  • It delivers heat up to 115 degrees upward for effective treatment.
  • The removable pumice stones ensures maximum exfoliation of dry skin around your feet
  • It is one of the most affordable foot spa machines you can get.
  • It It does not work with bath salts.

Customers who purchased this said:

  • Very simple, yet efficient. It gets treatment completed in few minutes.
  • Adjustable speed of the rotating jets means variable massaging at different occasions.

2. Kendal All in One Large Foot Spa Bath Massager with Heat

All in one Large Safest foot spa bath massager w/heat, HF vibration, O2 bubbles, red light FB09

Kendal is a known brand name in foot massage making, which provides a comprehensive all-in-one heating therapy that combines Oxygen bubbles with high-frequency vibration for the most effective spa you can ever ask for.

The foot spa machine promotes blood circulation in an effective way, likewise, it also boosts metabolism, and straightens up the meridian (The Qi structure). This is one of the best heated foot spas in terms of price and usability, despite its extra added features it comes at a very affordable price tag.

As a result of its effectiveness in enhancing circulation, this device also helps in boosting metabolism and also provides relief against fatigue and sore feet.

If you happen to stand for hours, whether you are a teacher, or industrial worker, the All in one-foot spa bath massager  MS0809M, is what you deserve.

Comes with 3 different pre-set programs for high-frequency vibration massage treatment, the device also makes use of the effective PTC semi-conductor that provides constant insulation protection as well as speedy heating, under a well-controlled temperature. It also comes with a self-drainage system through its entire plastic body.

Best Features:

  • The heat resistant plastic structure makes it very light and convenient.
  • It costs far less than many brands of its nature and class.
  • Comes with a self-drainage system and its body is made up of heat-resistance plastic design.
  • Comes with multi-functional massage treatment option, these are; high frequency vibration, oxygen bubbles and heating.
  • May not support feet larger than size 12.

Customers who purchased this said:

  • You can make use of bath salts and oils with this device, without any problem.
  • Very small and requires a little storage space.

3. HoMedics Foot Salon Pro Footbath with Heat Boost Power – Best Heated Foot Spa

HoMedics Foot Salon Pro Footbath with Heat Boost Power | Massaging Vibration, 4 Pedicure Spa Attachments, Splash Guard | Soothe Tired Muscles, 4 Pressure Node Rollers, Built-In Storage

HoMedics FB- 600 Foot Salon Pro, receives an average of 4.5-star rating out of a maximum 5, because of its simplicity and effectiveness in providing a personalized spa treatment. It comes with a massaging vibration through the effervescence bubbles generated from under, and this helps in soothing tensed muscles and relaxes your over-worked feet.

This device works like a pedicure center, it provides four attachments that can soften and pamper you like what you will get in a typical standard pedicure center. It comes with a heat-boost power feature that rapidly heats cold water to 98 degrees F within a few minutes and then maintains the temperature during usage.

HoMedics FB- 600, comes with four different pressure nodes that provide the best kneading massage that will guarantee totally relaxed and rejuvenated soles of the feet.

If you want a cheap foot spa that will pamper your feet, right in the comfort of your own home, this product could be the best foot spa you can consider.

With an instructional manual as well as a manufacturer warranty, you should be able to start using this device immediately you set your feet home.

Best Features:

  • Provides a gentle vibration with the aid of massage bubbles to sooth tired feet within minutes.
  • Very low priced but does not compromise on excellent services.
  • It comes with a heat boost power feature that heats the coldest water quickly and also maintains the temperature during treatment.
  • It comes with four different pressure node rollers that deliver kneading massage to every part of your feet.
  • Its body is made of plastic, hence it requires proper care and maintenance.
  • May not support feet larger than size 12.

Customers who purchased this said:

  • The device comes with a splash guard that prevents any form of splashing before, during and after treatment.
  • The four pedicure attachment makes this foot spa machine more than a massager but a full spa.

4. Ivation Foot Spa Massager – Heated Bath

Ivation Foot Spa Massager - Heated Bath, Automatic Massage Rollers, Vibration, Bubbles, Digital Adjustable Temperature Control, 3 Pedicure Attachments

On average this product receives a 4.5-star rating from a maximum of 5, and it comes with a 1-year full manufacturer warranty. It is a multi-functional massaging foot spa that relieves worn-out effects and soreness in the feet within a few minutes. It also provides comfort for aching heels, toes, and ankles, hence it is ideal for athletes and those who work out frequently.

The foot spa machine works through an intense vibration massage system, that provides speedy circulation through its activated motorized rollers- these rollers are able to target tired and tense soles to achieve greater results.

It also comes with an Oxygenated bubble action, which works through different water jets, to provide instant relief on joint pressure and pain. This device allows users to add essential oils to the massage treatment for added aromatherapy treatment.

The water used for treatment here will be heated rapidly to about 122 degrees F, likewise, the controlled temperature treatment is used to cure swelling, redness and throbbing under and around the feet.

Best Features:

  • It delivers an excellent healing power through heat and temperatures are regulated to prevent swelling of feet.
  • Has a shallow design that prevents splashing of water.
  • Comes with an intense vibrating massage with activated motorized rollers for a perfect soothing effect on the feet.
  • Comes with an advance LED display that shows the timer and multi-function setting.
  • Slightly bulkier than most other budget-friendly foot spa devices.

Customers who purchased this said:

  • Added features such as brush attachment, and acupressure attachment, makes this device a great bargain for investment.
  • Works perfectly with bath salt or aromatherapy oil to deliver a good smelling, aromatherapy treatment.

5. All in One Foot Spa Bath Massager Motorized Rolling Massage Heat Wave

All in One Foot Spa Bath Massager Motorized Rolling Massage Heat Wave Digital Temperature Control LED Display (Brown)

At its price range, this foot spa offers an excellent spa service justifiable to its price. It is fully accessorized with everything you can ask for. It comes with a motorize rolling massage system that delivers the best heating therapy- delivered through a red light system.

The device also works through an Oxygen bubble massage or other options such as waterfall/water wave massage. It comes with timer control that helps you adjust the total treatment time, while the water fall function stimulates a surfing effect during the massage of your foot and calf.

This is one of the best foot spa machines that ensure maximum blood circulation, as well as the enhancement of metabolism, for the purpose of relieving fatigue, and the healing of foot tissues and muscles.

With its strong bubble massage, this foot spa is able to allow the water jet to work alone or simultaneously with the surfing system alongside the medicine container, to create the perfect massage for the foot and calf.

Best Features:

  • It can be easily lifted through its portable handle.
  • The temperature can be adjusted from between 38 and 45 degree C to suit your needs.
  • It comes with a deep tank feature that works both for the foot and calf, through the promotion of circulation.
  • The body is made of strong and durable plastic, and it is heat resistant.
  • The price may be quite high for beginners or low-budget users.

Customers who purchased this said:

  • It comes with an external drainage for proper elimination of waste water.
  • The rollers seem to be too small for the size of the tub but one will get used to such.

6. Kendal All in one deep Foot & Leg spa Bath Massager – Best Rated Foot Spa

All in one deep Foot & Leg spa Bath Massager w/Motorized Rolling Massage, Heat, Wave, O2 Bubbles, Water Fall, Digital Temperature Control LED Display FBD2535

This is an aesthetically appealing home foot spa, with an average online rating of 4 out of maximum 5. This product is an all-in-one foot spa that comes with a motorized rolling massager, plus Oxygen bubble creator, plus water wave massager, and all these have digital temperature and timer controller.

There are LED display and remote control, for the effective use of this device, hence, every part of it is fully automated.

The deep tank feature works by spraying water flow through its water fall functions to deliver. It makes use of excellent quality PTC semi-conductor that ensures speedy heating, multi-insulation protection, and this feature maintain a constant temperature for a safe and secure heating delivery.

Kendal FBD2535 Deep Foot and Leg Spa Bath Massager is designed with a plastic body, hence, it is lightweight and durable. Similarly, the device comes with a self-drainage system that helps you eliminate wastewater effectively.

The temperature indicator will give a blue light when the temperature is around 38 degrees C and Red light when the temperatures reach 48 degrees, hence you will be able to detect where to lower temperatures.

Best Features:

  • This device is aesthetically appealing and can be bought as gifts for friends and family.
  • The bubbles, water fall and water wave effects are quite refreshing and pleasant on the feet.
  • The temperature indicator will help you control temperatures and prevent your feet from swelling.
  • The self-drainage will help you remove waste water quickly after use.
  • The use of bath salt is not recommended with this device.

Customers who purchased this said:

  • The water gets warmed up quickly and in less than 10 minutes, you should be ready to step inside the home foot spa.
  • It comes with limited functionality but it is super-convenient.

7. Dr. Scholl’s Invigorating Pedicure Foot Spa

Dr. Scholl's Invigorating Pedicure Foot Spa

Dr. Scholl’s Invigorating Pedicure Foot Spa is the perfect home foot spa you need if you want the best soothing massage, heating, and bubbles treatment for your feet. It comes with removable pumice stones that can soften the heels of your foot and make them even more accessible for massage.

This one of the best foot spas as it comes with a rolling massager feature that ensures that tired feet are renewed and revived, regardless of how tensed the feet muscles are. The device also comes with a heating system known as “SMART” heating technology, which ensures that water is constantly maintained at a heated temperature in order to provide a soothing – keep in mind that you need to fill the unit with warm water before using it.

This foot spa machine also comes with extras, including the 5-piece pedicure set, which will ensure that you get the most beautiful feet you desire, after the spa massaging treatment has been completed. The massaging works at great angles, ensure that you get treatment in the heels, calf and even at the upper region of your feet.

Best Features:

  • The foot spa is quite portable and convenient.
  • The SMART technology ensures that the warm water remains warm all through.
  • The 5 piece pedicure set is an extra money-saver you will enjoy with this package.
  • The rolling massager delivers more effective massage effect than static massagers.
  • Does not come with its own heating system, hence you need to fill it up with warm water.

Customers who purchased this said:

  • This device may not be idea for those with feet size greater than 12.
  • The device has almost zero noise, hence it is quite convenient for usage always.

8. Hot Spa Ultimate Foot Bath #61360

This is an amazing foot spa product that heats up when your feet touches the main control. The spa product also makes use of water jet, in order to soothe the feet and ensure that every part and component of your feet are perfectly treated.

This device comes with removable rubber feet that help the device to stay in one position and provide a great massage on the feet. With the rubberized feet, you can swing your legs easily without the foot spa moving, hence your feet can be treated in a stable condition.

Unlike many other home foot spa devices, this device makes use of infra-red heating system, to deliver more convenient and more stable heating of the water inside, a reason it listed among best foot spa.

It also comes with an aeration system that ensures that heat movement within and outside of the device is properly regulated for more convenience.

Hot spa Ultimate foot bath is slightly higher priced than others, however, its functionality justifies its price. It can also be used with some aromatherapy oils for a more soothing and refreshing smell on your feet.

Best Features:

  • The rubberized feet make it very stable while your feet is inside.
  • The extra pedicure saves money off buying new pedicure sets.
  • It comes with a single control system that can be used through your foot.
  • It comes with extra pedicure set for added treatments.
  • Does not come with its own discharge system, you have to pour out the waste water after use.

Customers who purchased this said:

  • Its better to make use of the pedicure set, or add some bath salt because adding essential oil can create a messy emulsion in the water.
  • The motor in the device may eat up unless you run the device for about 20 minutes before using it.

9. Conair Foot Bath and Heat Massager

Conair Foot Bath and Heat Massager Features Toe-Touch Controls for Heat and Vibration with Nodes on Splashguard and Base for Extra Massage Action, BONUS Massage Attachment Included

This is probably one of the cheapest foot spa machine brands you will find in the market. At a price lower than other competing brands, and an average online rating of 4 stars out of maximum 5, this is probably the best choice for those who want something simple yet effective in nature. The device comes with convenient toe controls that helps you manage heat and vibration at the same time.

The Conair Foot Bath and Heat Massager, also comes with a special massage attachment, for added comfort when the feet are being massaged. The splashguard comprises nodes while the base provides extra stability for massage procedures.

This massager comes with a UL cord that measures 6 feet in length, and these special features allow you to place the bath anywhere, for your own convenience. The product itself measures 7.5 x 14.6 x 16.6 inches, in with, length and height respectively. The product weighs just 4 pounds before shipping.

Best Features:

  • There are nodes available on the splash guard and the base for extra convenience.
  • The dimensions of this product means it is quite comfortable and simple to operate.
  • The 6 foot UL cord is one of the best features on this device because it allows you to place the device. anywhere for your treatment.
  • You can use your toe to control the device for vibration and heating.
  • Water can become messy if you add essential oils.

Customers who purchased this foot massager said:

  • There is no heating system, hence you need to add your own warm water.
  • One of the most affordable foot spa machine brands you can find in the market.

10. ArtNaturals Foot Spa Massager with Heat

ArtNaturals Foot Spa Massager with Heat - Lights and Bubbles - Soothe and Relax Tired Feet with All in One Therapeutic Home Salon and Massager Tub - Temperature Control - for Athletes Foot

The ArtNaturals foot spa is another low-cost foot spa machine that is durable, lightweight and very easy to operate. It has been regarded as a mini whirlpool that is stylishly designed to allow you sit back and enjoy a 5-star spa treatment.

Achy and tired feet can get instant relief after a few minutes of treatment with this best foot spa machine. It is most suitable for people who are always on their feet all day, or athletes and those who indulge in rigorous physical exercises. The knots and rollers on this device will massage the sore spots and knots on your feet.

Fortunately for the lovers of bath salt and essential oils, this device works perfectly with them, to achieve even more result. The spa massager comes with internal in-built temperature controls alongside digital display reading for a better monitoring.

At its price, this device is a huge bargain for those who prefer to get something on a low budget.

Best Features:

  • Its simple design as well as lower cost makes this foot spa highly desirable.
  • The nodes and rollers will ensure a more angular and flat massage of the foot and calf.
  • The in-built temperature controls will help you check the usage of the device.
  • Does not come with a drainage of its own, you need to pour the waste water out by yourself.

Customers who purchased this said:

  • The rollers of this device may come off, hence you must be careful when using it.
  • Having the internal temperature gauge helps monitor the temperature of the water effectively.

Benefits of Foot Spa:

There are so many benefits you can derive from this amazing invention, these include the following:

  • Saves costs of going to the beauty spa all the time. You can sit at home and simply switch in on and relax while your feet is inside the spa. Just watch as it soothes and massage your feet.
  • Comfortable and ergonomically design- These are ergonomically to fit perfectly with your feet, hence, you don’t have to worry about extra pressure on your tired feet.
  • They can be used with other items- most foot spa machines work with bath salts, and essential oil to provide even extra treatment for your feet. The aromatic smell and feel of this spa device will make your feet even more pleasant to see.

Buyer’s Guide: What to Look for While Buying the Best Foot Spa?

There are quite a number of key features to look out for when going for a purchase, these are;

  • Safety and insulation– You want to ensure that the water inside the home foot spa is well protected and maintained, hence the insulation must be effective enough to prevent heat loss through the spa shell and must be able to hold the water temperature steady.
  • The ergonomics or comfort– You need to ensure that the contour of the interior part makes your feet comfortable. Make sure the feet rest fits perfectly to ensure that your feet stay in place. If you have a large foot (greater than 11), you must make sure that it will fit your size.
  • Main and extra components– You need to check the jets are working properly, the reason being that you want maximum pressure for excellent massage on all parts of your feet, you need to check that the control panel wouldn’t switch off accidentally and the heating elements are properly covered. You may want to check if the home spa has drainage to remove wastewater.
  • The wiring or electrical requirements– Not all home spa machine brands will work with a 220V electrical wiring system. Portable home spas should run between 110 and 220 Volts, while the 110 volts can be easily hooked up and can be plugged inside household sockets and most of them also come with 12ft. cord, hence you must check your home wiring system before you purchase a brand.
  • Price – Price should be the last factor to consider when choosing a foot spa. Generally, products that cost more usually come with added features and advantages, than cheaper products.

Foot Spa Machine FAQ’s

Question: How long do I have to use a foot spa?

Answer: In most cases, a total treatment time of 20 minutes is recommended per session, especially when heated water can cause swelling of the feet. Treatment time may vary from one machine to another.

Question: Are foot spa products with heating elements better than those without heating elements?

Answer: This depends on your preference. The ones without heating elements do have temperature regulators, but you have to pour your warm water in them. Those with heating elements are therefore more convenient.

Question: I have a big size foot, where can I find a foot spa?

Answer: If you check this list, you can find extra-large machines that can accommodate feet sizes of up to 14.

Question: How often should I clean a foot spa?

Answer: Experts recommend that you clean them as you go, that is immediately after use, and especially of you use essential oils or bat salt.

Question: Aside from plastic, are there other types?

Answer: There are some spas designed with some elements of steel, however, plastic spas seem to be lighter and more convenient.

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