Best Infrared Sauna Reviews 2020 – Consumer Reports

Best Infrared Sauna by consumer reports

When it comes to taking care of your body with a sauna, you should always try to use the best far infrared sauna in the market.

Far infrared saunas are best known for their health and therapeutic benefits especially when used for a long time. It does not only relieve the body of stress and pain, but it also increases your blood flow and maximizes your immune system for effective body performance and illness defense.

Best Infrared Sauna Consumer Reports Reviews in 2020

So, if you are looking for a more relaxed way of staying healthy and fit, you can try one of these listed far infrared saunas. They are a few of the best in the market and work as promised.

But if you are lost and spoilt for choice, you can always rely on these top five best far infrared saunas. Here you will get an idea of what they represent and the benefits they have to you.

1. JNH Lifestyles 2 Person Far Infrared Sauna

JNH Lifestyles MG217HB Joyous 2 Person Far Infrared Sauna

This is one of the best far infrared saunas with modern quality materials and design. Besides, it is easy to assemble and comes with clear how-to instructions. You can set it up solo but to save time and energy you can get some help as some of the materials may be heavy and hard to lift.

It is made from FSC certified greenwood, zero plywood. It is all double layer Canadian Hemlock T&G timber with the best kind of insulation. You can even put it in a tight space and it won’t heat up.

Moreover, it is digitally controlled from its temperature to the duration of use. Besides, it has a built-in AUX control and two premium speakers that enable you to relax and enjoy all kinds of music as you steam up. Additionally, it has seven carbon fiber far infrared heaters.

It has a unique interior that is lightened by cost-effective LED lights. In addition, it has a see-through door for better sauna visibility and safety. The safety door is meant to tolerate higher temperatures within the sauna.

It is ETL approved and UL listed components and comes with a five-year warranty on all parts.

  • It is easy to set-up, two people is enough
  • It comes with easy to follow instructions
  • It is highly portable as you can break it down for easier transport
  • It might take you some time to assemble but you can always look for an extra hand to help speed the work

Customers Who Purchased This Far Infrared Sauna Said (Consumer Reports)

  • It has quality engineering and plan, suitable for the price
  • It works as advertised, with easy purchasing and shipping procedure
  • It has a convenient AUX feature in case you just want to relax and listen to good music
  • It is high-quality and very durable, can last for many years


2. DYNAMIC SAUNAS AMZ-DYN-6106-01 Barcelona 1-2 Person Far Infrared Sauna

DYNAMIC SAUNAS AMZ-DYN-6106-01 Barcelona 1-2 Person Far Infrared Sauna - Curbside Shipping

This far infrared sauna is known for its therapeutic nature and health benefits. It penetrates the skin and works magic on your senses, relieving all your stress and easing your mind and body.

Moreover, it is made from eco-friendly reforested Canadian hemlock wood. The wood panel is doubled for proper and faster heat retention with less energy consumption.

This two-person model comes with six low EMF infrared carbon energy efficient heating panels as well as a foot heater that distributes heat all over the sauna. The carbon energy efficient heating panels are never replaced. This saves you loads of costs on the constant replacement of heating panels.

This sauna functions and operates at a low and safer degree for longer sauna sessions and maximized therapeutic health benefits.

It has a soft touch control system with LED display systems for easy temperature and time control. In addition, you can enjoy music through its built-in MP3 aux connections with speakers.

Besides, it plugs into any 15 amp 110 volts outlets, no special wiring is needed.

It is easy to assemble and can be installed almost anywhere in the house or office from the basement, master bathroom, walk-in closet and even the garage.

  • It is very easy to set-up
  • It is environmentally friendly as it is made from eco-friendly Canadian hemlock wood
  • You can install it almost anywhere in the house, from a walk-in closet to a garage
  • It may take you a while to assemble, especially if you are doing it solo

Customers Who Purchased This Far Infrared Sauna Said (Consumer Reports)

  • It definitely exceeds your regular expectation of saunas. It works as advertised with zero failure
  • It has a convenient built-in music system with speakers for better relaxation
  • It has an energy efficient carbon panels that are never replaced, saving you loads of money when it comes to replacing heating panels


3. JNH Lifestyles Freedom 1 Person Canadian Western Red Cedar Wood Far Infrared Sauna

JNH Lifestyles MG101RB Freedom Infrared Sauna

This one person far infrared sauna comes with a convenient 3.5mm AUX plug system that enables you to listen to music as you relax. Besides, the system has two premium speakers.

It has six carbon fiber far infrared heaters on its back, side and calf area for maximized heating of the sauna. Besides, it has a dual wall construction plan for better performance and insulation. This means that you can install it in any tight space and never worry about heat expansion and insulation.

This sauna is made from one of the best wood, the Canadian Western Red Cedar Wood with no added chemicals. This makes it stoner and highly durable.

Moreover, this sauna has a see-through door that gives you a better view of the saunas as well as control and tolerates the higher temperatures within the sauna.

This far infrared sauna is very easy to transport as you can break it down easily and transport it to the desired location, hassle-free.

It has a convenient digital control system for temperature and duration control.

It has a five-year warranty on all parts and comes with a functional cost-efficient LED lights that last for years.

  • You can install it in tight space and it won’t heat up as it has quality insulation
  • It is easy to set up and install
  • It comes with a convenient AUX system for music connection
  • You need an extra hand when piecing the parts together, as some can be heavy to lift

Customers Who Purchased This Far Infrared Sauna Said (Consumer Reports)

  • When it heats up, it smells like redwood, a very soothing, warm and relaxing aura
  • It works very well especially when it comes to various body aches and pains. Relieves stress too
  • It has a see-through door for better view of the far infrared sauna and temperature control


4. DURHERM Negative Ion Far Portable Indoor Infrared Sauna

Durherm Infrared Sauna, Low EMF Negative Ion Portable Indoor Sauna with Chair and Heated Footpad, Copper, Large

This portable far infrared sauna is the best for those who want to save on space and electricity. It emits very little EMF and uses very little electricity. This means it generates more heat and draws less power. Besides, you can install and fold it up easily for storage.

It comes with two soft terry cloth washable neck collars that zip on and off for easier clean-up as well as an integrated heated footpad. Moreover, it has a remote control with a storage pocket as well as a canvas sports folding chair.

This far infrared sauna has three high-tech heaters made of superconductive and ultra-thin Japanese tourmaline panels. Tourmaline is a semi-precious mineral that emits infrared waves and negative ions for proper detoxification of the human body.

Moreover, its contemporary modern design allows you to extend your hands and head for reading, watching TV or listening to music.

However, as much as it is recommended for everyone, if you are pregnant you should stay away from it or consult a doctor first before use. Likewise, if you have any health issues, seek medical advice first.

It has a natural earth existing EMF and is very affordable.

  • It is highly portable as you can fold it for transport and fold it for storage under the bed and even in the closet
  • This far infrared is easy to set-up and use
  • It comes with a convenient foldable chair
  • Its stitching and color can be hideous to some people, but it works as recommended

Customers Who Purchased This Far Infrared Sauna Said (Consumer Reports)

  • It is a great sauna compared to other saunas in the market and emits little to zero EMF
  • It is high-quality and works as promised, highly valuable and affordable
  • It is a space saver and can fit anywhere in the house, easy to move around


5. Radiant Saunas 2-Person Hemlock Infrared Sauna with 6 Carbon Heaters

Radiant Saunas 2-Person Hemlock Infrared Sauna with 6 Carbon Heaters, Chromotherapy Lighting, Oxygen Ionizer

This far infrared sauna comes with an extra deep bench that runs along its back for relaxing with that special someone. It can fit any room in your house and comes with EZ-touch dual interior and exterior LED control panels for easier temperature control.

It is loaded with a towel hook, magazine rack, backrests, CD player and an MP3 plug-in. It also comes with a 7-color therapy light and an oxygen ionizer.

Moreover, it has six carbon heaters and operates up to 141 degrees F. Besides, it has a 120v/ 15amp power system.

Additionally, it comes with a convenient stereo system with functional built-in speakers, radio, AUX mp3 connection, and a CD player. It also has a 7mm thick scratch resistant tinted tempered glass door.

This far infrared sauna is made from quality durable hemlock wood with a buckle assembly for easier set-up and installation.

It is highly recommended for stress and tension relief and provides some of the best health benefits to the human body. Likewise, it helps remove harmful toxins in your body and increase your blood circulation.

It is backed by a seven-year limited warranty with five years on heating and electronic and one year on radio.

  • It is very easy to set-up and install
  • This sauna penetrates the whole body leaving you all relaxed and refreshed
  • It has a convenient inbuilt stereo system with speakers, radio CD player, and an AUX MP3 connection
  • It is not highly portable

Customers Who Purchased This Far Infrared Sauna Said (Consumer Reports)

  • This sauna works pretty well for its worth, highly recommendable
  • The shipping is very reliable, fast and well-packaged
  • It is very easy to assemble and heats up fast
  • It works as advertised and will never fail you
  • It has therapeutic health benefits
  • It is made from quality durable materials that can last for years


Benefits of Infrared Sauna Therapy

  • Far Infrared Saunas often help the body with detoxification-Sweating is one of the essential parts of eliminating toxins from the body and this sauna works best at doing so. It detoxifies all toxins from your body for a healthier feel and natural look
  • It helps your body relax –It often promotes body balance by allowing you to relax and relieve tension. Its heat allows every muscle of your body to relax and de-stress
  • It relieves body pain– They are the best when it comes to relieving muscles from aches or releasing joint pains. It does this by ensuring your blood circulation is increased and your body muscles relaxed and not inflamed
  • Weight loss–  It often causes your core temperature to increase which further leads to increased heart rate. This puts your whole body to work so as to lower your core temperature or keep up with the increased heart rate, thus burning and reducing your calorie level
  • It improves circulation– Saunas often emit heat that increases your core temperature thereby contributing to increased blood circulation in your system
  • Skin purification– It can purify your skin cells by eliminating toxins from your skin pores and increasing circulation. This often leads to clearer, softer and healthier-looking skin condition
  • It reduces stress level– These often relieve stress level by sending you into a calmer and more relaxed atmosphere. The heat often soothes you to another comfort level with zero worries
  • It supports immune function– It often elevates your body’s natural defense against all forms of illness
  • It optimizes your biological age– They often make you feel and look young by always keeping you detoxified, fit and glowing. It rejuvenates your skin cells and overall body look

So, there you have it, some of the top five best far infrared sauna review as well as their benefits to the body. You can start with one of these few ones and see how they work out. None will fail to deliver its functions.

Other tips and know how’s

When you’re looking for the best infrared sauna consumer reports you need to consider the following things before you’re ready to buy.

How many carbon fiber heaters does it have? Of course the more carbon fiber heaters (lower surface temperature) it comes with the better you will feel. There won’t be cold regions. For example a few saunas have a cold spot around the calf areas. The typical home sauna comes with 7 carbon fiber heating systems or 8 carbon fiber heating panels.

Size is a big factor as well when you’re choosing your perfect sauna experience. Apartment owners are in a big disadvantage. Even though these sauna rooms are smaller than steam baths, smoke saunas they still take up some space. Manufacturers typically create 2 person, 3 person sauna options. Truth be told these infrared saunas are small. If you want to lie down while you enjoy the power of radiant saunas you will need to get the 3 person option. Otherwise you can only sit in it and it gets old real fast. For example you can get jnh lifestyles joyous 2 person or jnh lifestyles joyous 3 person if you’re bored of sitting you’ll get the later one.

Best infrared saunas Vs traditional saunas (steam bath)

When you’re looking at steam sauna think about all the maintenance that it comes with. You need to handle humidity and mold. Plus you have to hand the smoke coming out of the wood stove. Not to mention the ventilation holes. Many people can’t stand the steam room. It’s just too much and I’m speaking for experience I don’t do so well in high temperatures. This is why home use saunas came into play. First of all they are cheaper and less pricey to maintain. Infrared technology changed the game for ever.

One more thing you need to take into count when you’re looking at best infrared sauna consumer reports. This is the emf levels. Now there are a few of use who can only tolerate low emf levels. For example cancer patients are highly advised to go into those with the smallest and low emf levels.

What do you do during sauna session? One idea it to read but many lose motivation. So this is when they check out the sound system. There’s usually a digital control panel. With it you can change the starting time and the maximum temperature. Be careful with the digital control panels the buttons might wore out if it’s in heavy use. Since you’re already stuck in the sauna room for 30 to 60 minutes have some fun with the sound system. It will help yous pass the time. Most units have a volume rocker so you can adjust the sound levels to your liking.

In the manual is recommended to keep the mp3 player or other audio devices out of the sauna room. Because they might overheat and get bricked. Nobody want to happen to their brand new iPhone.

We need to talk about claustrophobia. Being confined even in the best infrared sauna isn’t fun. This is why they have see through safety glass. This reduces the claustrophobia effect.

The power consumption isn’t bad either. Depending on the heating source it can be extremely low or high. Don’t forget about the long extra long power cord and buckle connectors. LED lighting consumes less than chromotherapy lights heating system. The carbon fiber heater is based on empava far infrared sauna technology.  In most cases you will be the one who has to mount the towel hooks, just follow the assembly instructions.

A note worthy feature to have is the oxygen ionization system this helps keep the air clean. We shouldn’t forget about the chromotherapy system which soothes the soul.

It’s preferable to get corner units. They are designed with optimal space usage. Get the best infrared rays and widest heating surface areas to get the best experience.


How to find the best infrared sauna buyer’s guide

Traditional saunas are losing ground to corner unit sauna units. Thanks to the new tech there are home use low emf infrared sauna. With the help of the digital control panel you can adjust the temprature. For beginners it’s good to start with 20 minutes staying inside the sauna then gradually increase it. Quoting best infrared sauna consumer report the 1 person canadian hemlock wood infrared saunas are rated the best by JNH lifestyles joyous. JNH lifestyles are quite known in the field they make 1 person, 2 person infrared sauna experience and infrared heating radiant saunas. They typically use 7 carbon nano ceramic heaters. When you get a sauna unit from JNH lifestyles you’re getting a premium sound system with led lighting. These are all low emf infrared sauna which is a great way to reduce stress levels. The carbon heating panels are full spectrum and they fit seamlessly into the sauna environment. Make sure when you’re inside the sauna that everything is tight you don’t want to suffer an accident.

The wood construction is top of the line. The control panel does everything you need it to do. Don’t over do the sauna treatment or check with your doctor. The JNH far infrared heating sauna unit delivers as promised. Make sure that the heating elements are clean so you get the best experience.


Infrared Sauna FAQs

What are the best in home saunas to buy?

The best in-home sauna brand to buy is JNH Lifestyles saunas.

What is better near or far infrared sauna?

Most experts say far infrared saunas are better because far infrared units help to promote toxin release through profuse sweating.

Which is better carbon or ceramic infrared sauna?

Carbon infrared saunas are better, because they evenly distribute heat, they are more durable and have a lower cost of operation.

Should I shower after infrared sauna?

Yes, take a warm shower to wash off the toxins that are now on the outside of your skin.

With what kind of health problems can a sauna help?

It helps with: weight loss, pain relief, relax the nervous system, muscle recovery and other healing benefits.

How does a quality sauna look like?

It has wall insulation, strong heat source, great heat distribution, excellent heat coverage and large heating area.

What can the control panel do?

The control panel lets you adjust the temperature of the heating areas.